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Trekking Esmeralda Lagoon

Our Trekking its posible during the morning or afternoon because the daylight.
We walking and crossing a peat bog valley, forest and water streams to reach one of the nicest lagoons of the fuegian mountain range: Esmeralda Lagoon.

We take the route number 3 around 18 Kms taking northeast direction to Tierra Mayor Valley.
Already hitting the trail, we cross the big valley, which bottom is composed mainly of peat bog (sphagnum), a millenarian moss remain of the little ice age. Later the open valley is over and we get into the sub-Antarctic forest, to start ascending softly to the hanging valley of Emerald Lagoon.

The low inclination of the trail allows us to enjoy the outstanding landscapes without losing the breath on the way to our goal. At the Emerald Lagoon, the proximity with the tree line and the glaciers around will make you feel the purity and energy of the Andes.

Between December and March the waters of the lagoon become Emerald colour, because of the sediments coming with the water from the melting ice of the glaciers. And between June and September, the lagoon remains cover with ice and snow, so we can walk over and cross it.

After a coffe - break  we recover energies and we will be ready to start the way back by the same trail to have lunch in Valle de Lobos.
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